Roofs are the most important part of your home. It protects us from all the fury of nature. Hail, wind, sun or snow; it shields us from all the weather phenomena. But the roof is also often the most neglected part of the house. Generally, due to less accessibility as compared to the other parts of the house the roof is often neglected in terms of regular check-up and maintenance. But, as the most exposed part of any building it is important that the roof is properly maintained in order to prevent larger damages from occurring.

Following are some useful handy tips to keep your roof in good condition without needing the professional help:

  1. Periodical Inspection

Regular inspection is a must for roofs. The inspection at regular intervals should be performed. Besides that, roofs should be inspected after a heavy storm or before start of a new season. Crack or blisters in the top layer, missing or damaged shingles, insect or small animal activity, water ponding etc are the changes you should be looking for in every inspection.

  1. Remove Clutters and rubbish

You should make sure that there is no rubble or any type of clutter on the roof. From time to time debris should be cleared. Debris often causes water to pond-up on the roof causing major damages in long run.

  1. Check Flashing and other joints

Flashing means the points of penetration on the roof. They can be due to chimneys, drain pipes, exhausts and lights etc. These edges are susceptible to cracks and leakages. Flashing should be inspected closely for any damages and for gaps in sealant.

  1. Repair Small Leakages

Any signs of damage or leakage should be repaired at the very beginning of it. Any negligence in nipping the bud will make the problem huge at a very high rate.

  1. Mend the Trees surrounding roofs

If the trees are coming too close to the roof they may damage it by swaying in the air or just by fall of a branch on to the roof. So keep the trees smaller and away from the roof.

  1. Clean drain pipes and gutters

It is very important that the drain pipes and gutters are cleaned of debris and leaves so that the water is not logged on the roof. Clogged gutters the most common causes of water logging on roofs.

  1. Do not Power Wash

Whenever you find some unwanted growth like algae or mold try and avoid power washing. Power washer may at times create some new damages and break shingles or tiles. So rather than using power wash you should try gentler methods to get rid of unwanted growth on the roof.

These are some day to day methods of inspecting and repairing minor damages on your roof. Most of these can be done by you without needing to hire any professional. But rest assured, these small titbits will help you keep your roof healthy and solid which in turn will keep protecting through all roughness of weather outside.