When did you last check your siding? May be 3 years or 4 years? Then it time for you to check them for any kind of repairs or replacements. Your sidings will become old as time passes, they will tend to crack, they even absorb moisture and may also break. So, you will have to take out some time from your very busy schedule and make sure that you check them from time to time.

Here are some points which can help you decide if the siding replacement is required.

Check out the painting:

You should not paint your sidings too frequently. Actually, the siding will be super perfect for almost 9 to 10 years and sometimes more than that as well. If you are able to see any kind peeling of the paints or cracks on the painted area, or if you are painting the sidings for every five years, then you should understand that the sidings are absorbing moisture and that is effecting the house from inside as well. So, you need to be a little more careful when you see such peeling of paint of the siding.

Check your utility bills:

You will have to compare your utility bills of the past few years and you will be able to know if they are stable or going high. You can also check the bills of your neighbours for knowing what is their bill. You will have to compare with those house which are similar in size with your house. That is when you will know the difference. If your’s is high, then you need to understand that it is time for the siding replacement. But before you go for replacement, you can do a self check which means, you will have to do is keen check of the places or points where the sidings meet the roof, in order ro make sure that there is no leakage of air which is causing high utility bills.

Rotten boards:

You can poke the siding with some sharp object like a screw driver or a pen. You will be able to know if the sidings are rotten and they need replacement. If it is hard, then it is in perfect condition and you need not have to worry about anything. You can do this test and check yourself.

Faded sidings:

Paint generally fades away as it does not come with a protection coating on it. The paint on the siding is also the same kind. It does not have any protective coating and hence you will have to check for the quality of the sidings when you see that the color of these are fading away. When the color get dull, then you should again get a screw driver and check if the siding is not in condition. If they are weak and it goes inside the siding, then you need to go for the siding replacement.

So, these few points can really help you to decide.